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Pirate Party Candidate Jason Paul Sullivan to Begin Door-To-Door Efforts

This May, Jason Paul Sullivan — New York State's first Pirate Party candidate — will begin a door-to-door canvassing effort in Lake Grove, Centereach, and Selden. Jason is running for Town Council in the Town of Brookhaven's 3rd district. Jason is running on a platform that asserts "Brookhaven is... Read more

NYPP Applauds Acquittal of Activist Framed By Police

The New York Pirate Party applauds the jury's decision to acquit activist Michael Premo on all charges when he was wrongfully accused of resisting arrest and assaulting a peace officer. This is a major victory for protestors who face false charges, and a reminder that even when the judicial system s... Read more

US Pirate Party Condemns Retraction of GOP Report on Copyright Reform

The following is a press release from the United States Pirate Party in reaction to this news. The Massachusetts Pirate Party has posted a copy of the retracted report on their website. The United States Pirate Party condemns yesterday's retraction of a policy brief by the Republican Study Commit... Read more

New York Pirate Party Launches New Website

The New York Pirate Party (NYPP) today launched a new, redesigned website in order to better connect with the electorate of New York State. Since its reformation in January 2012, NYPP has worked to bring the successes of the European Pirate Party movement to New York, and to pave the way for its... Read more

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